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Unraveling [mixed media_100x150CM_2016]

Studio overview [mixed media on perspex]_2016

Unstructure structure [mixed media_100x150CM_2016]

Fluidity [mixed media_120x180CM_2016]

Up and under [mixed media_60x60CM_2016]

Whiteness [mixed media_80x120CM_2016]

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Breeze + Leaves [tape on hardwood_120x120CM_2014]

White Cloud [tape on wood_120x120CM_2015]

Sun+sea+set [mural at Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam_2015]

Lake [tape on wood_80x120CM_2014]

Wave [tape on wood_80x120CM_2014]

A peak through the window at sunset [tape on wood_120x60CM_2014]

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Sketch of nature [tape on wood_120x120CM_2014]

A/W [tape on wood_120x120CM_2014]

Publication [design by Studio Beige_2015]

Floating_tape on hardwood_120x120CM_2014

Sun + Flood [tape on wood_120x120CM_2014]

Night ate the lake [tape on wood_120x60CM_2014]

Everything will dissolve, eventually.


Even dogmas and boundaries

between supposedly separate worlds

and disciplines.


Appreciation follows perception.

Landslide [Oranienbaum_2013_photo: Artist in the World]

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Now Here [site specific work at Atelierhaus Aachen_tape on wall_2014]

Lost---woods---yesterday's trees [tape on board_100x100CM_2012]

Process me, save me [tape on board_100x100CM_2012]

Die Nichtskeit [mixed media_60x60x160CM_2009]

Preservation of chair [mixed media_100x100x300CM_2010]

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Once [felt pen on paper_2014]

Folly of years past [feltpen on paper_2013]

5 Trees + 1 Lake [felt pen on paper_2013]

Night Trail [felt pen on paper_2013]

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Photography: Andre Smits for Artist in the World [2013]

Fleeting [site specific work at Gallery Weekend Berlin_180x200CM_2013]

Soundleak [site specific work for Kunstrai 2013 Amsterdam]

Melt [site specific work at Rijnstate Hospital Arnhem_400x250CM_2013]

Swipescape [site specific work at Nieuwe Vide_510x260CM_2012]